The telecommunications sector has become an infrastructural component that businesses and individuals deem essential.  In spite of advancements in technologies with handling the immense volumes of data being ferried across the networks, customers continue to experience glitches and outages that leave them less than satisfied with the service.  As the industry grapples with the upkeep of levels of customer experience, it is finding that the employment of AI could turn out to be the much needed tool to resolve many of the problems that plague the vertical today.  Problems such as network congestion and demand forecasting, customer sentiment analysis, churn propensity, customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction KPIs, etc., are all areas that can be addressed by service providers to give them the much needed competitive edge.

ChrysalisGold has embarked on resolving some of these pain points, notable among them being:

Sentiment Analysis:  Using data gathered from social networks, the algorithms developed by ChrysalisGold glean the sentiments expressed by customers about their products and/or services experiences.

Smart Ticketing:  ChrysalisGold brings Digital e-Support to the operators allowing them to be more responsive to customers with quick turnaround times for incident resolution.  ChrysalisGold's AI algorithms bucket issues based on text mining and interpretation to significantly expedite issue resolution.  Access to the automated recommendations while interacting with customers greatly enhances the quality of customer experience.  Some of the key value propositions of this technology are:

  • Improvement in First Contact Rate
  • Quantify end-user satisfaction
  • Expedited average incident resolution time
  • Reduction in average cost of resolution per incident
  • Recommendations for continuous learning and improvement

Churn Prediction:  Predicting churn propensity and addressing customer concerns leading to increased customer loyalty has been known to improve the bottom line of service providers consistently.  ChrysalisGold's SWAN product directly addresses this well known problem using a novel and proprietary approach.

Smart Operational Monitoring:  A proactive approach to handling operational issues while administering applications and services with the aid of AI is extremely à la mode.  ChrysalisGold uses principles of Predictive Maintenance or PmD to detect anomalies in the system and predict impending failures so corrective actions can be taken to prevent outages and dissatisfaction amongst customers.

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