There is a tremendous amount of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in the marketplace about AI and Machine Learning.  The wide array of tool options is not helping either.  Product developers include these technologies, sometimes forcibly, into their product parlance out of necessity to appear current. Access to a myriad of MOOCs has caused an explosion in the number of job applicants to data science positions, adding to the FUD within companies wanting to explore the use of AI. As a pure-play AI/ML organization, it is our goal to clear a path through the uncertainty and help companies enter this area with confidence and join the inexorable march of IR4.0.



ChrysalisGold was formed when two companies that deal with large amounts of data came together with one common socio-economic objective - to identify ideas, efforts and startups that need help to weed through the din of technologies, frameworks and algorithms that litter printed and digital literature.  Akara Technologies and Covalensedigital Services set out to accomplish this arduous task by first developing a common, extensible platform  that is domain and technology agnostic.  The goal of investing into the development of Aspen, the extensible platform, was to provide a home for these "brilliant" ideas to take root and grow.


A software products and services company for the Oil & Gas industry based in Dubai, UAE.

A business development service provider catering to clients in the continental United States, Europe and the Middle East. Our deep contacts allows us to not only make strategic introductions of your offerings to the decision makers but also allows us to guide your organization through the initial phases of vendor registration. We offer business development services in the following areas. Our problem solving capabilities are achieved through a team which is an eclectic mix of technology and subject matter experts. This composition makes it possible to understand the domain specific details and translate it into solutions using technology to achieve the desired goals. Besides developing products, product customization is also carried out to meet specific customer needs. Our monitoring and support services facilitate deployment as well as configuration to help run the operations trouble-free.


A global corporation having offices in 6 geographies with customers spread across 16 countries

Covalensedigital is a fast-growing niche Solutions Provider, revolutionizing Subscription Monetization business solutions on the cloud. Its implementations span across 16 different geographies ably supported by its offices in India, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and the United States. Covalensedigital is a global organization serving more than 70+ active clients across multiple geographies and different industry verticals.

A proficient technology accelerator, Covalensedigital’s affordable and customized solutions and services are purpose-built to deliver significant business value to the clients. Covalensedigital specialization in the communications industry has led to the Innovative solutions cSMART, a Digital Commerce Platform and cDM, a Digital Marketplace to the Communications and Enterprise markets using the best of Cloud and Mobile technologies.

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