Aspen is more than a product.  It is an AI platform that provides a list of services which are necessary for any enterprise class solution needing a secure, extensible and scalable architecture.  The platform allows for both internal and 3rd party developers to focus on solving business problems instead of expending time on infrastructure.  The platform makes available a number of programming interfaces (APIs) that developers can take advantage of immediately.  Development teams can experience a quick turnaround and bring ideas and solutions to market in a much more consistent manner.  Using Aspen, ChrysalisGold has already developed solutions for the Telecom and Oil & Gas industries.  Aspen provides the essential services needed to develop a solution irrespective of the target industry.

Highlights of the platform:

  • Open interface that facilitates rapid extensibility by internal and third-party teams
  • Native services such as security, file, database, learning, data quality, replication, etc.
  • Decoupled architecture allows distributed processing
  • Cluster aware components offer load balancing and availability
  • Use of open-source components makes the platform very cost effective and robust
  • Toolbox approach allows for mixing and matching capabilities
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