Robotic Process Automation or RPA is sweeping both large and mid-size organizations across the business world.  RPA can be considered as one of the pillars in an organization's endeavor towards autonomy.  Depending on the vertical and the specific business in question an RPA solution takes many forms.  RPA can exist without AI.  However, a non-AI assisted RPA suffers from two major drawbacks.

At the core of almost all RPA efforts is the process of data ingestion.  RPA without AI fares well when the data is structured, either a fixed format XML, JSON or CSV document or a schema constrained database.  It is when the data is unstructured that a regular RPA needs AI techniques such as

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Key phrase extraction
  • Language detection
  • Named Entity Recognition

Complex processes are seldom amenable to linear rules-based workflows that route information and documents.  A complex process involves decision making at every juncture.  ChrysalisGold is in the process of putting together a grab bag of tools that facilitate the decision making thereby significantly reducing the dependence on human managers to shepherd the process.

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